And so the days are filled...

11 August 2005

a lesson in Aussie slang...or, did I really say that?

After months, nay, years of attempting to get publicity for a little knitting group I'm involved in, finally we have hit the big time. That is, one of those free amalgamations of real estate advertisements peppered with articles which is thrown onto Sydneysiders' doorsteps on a weekly basis.

I was shocked and chagrined to see that I had been extensively quoted. But I can't believe I really said this:

I don't think my boyfriend (hereafter referred to as Fiver) thinks knitting is "extremely daggy." I can't even remember saying that! Here's another beauty they picked up on - "You might remember in art class, as an elementray school student or even younger, when you got into your finger painting, your mind just frees up and you start talking and chatting with your friends." That sounds pretty coherent, right (with the exception of some minor slips of verb tense which I think is forgivable in the spoken mode)? Unfortunately I go on to say that knitting "frees up my mouth to go 'blah, blah, blah.'" It certainly sounds from this article like I am an expert on blabbing.

For those international readers who do not know the etymology of the word daggy, it is a garden-variety Aussie adjective to describe something particularly lame, dorky, geeky, goofy, dumb, oddball, misfitting, or ugly. It derives from the term 'dag' which is the bits of wool around a sheep's bottom which gets encrusted with dried poos and leads to the necessity of the process known as mulesing which has recently come under fire by animal activist groups in America. I do not want to get into the debate on mulesing here and now, I'll save that for another post maybe. Suffice to say, 'daggy' used to be one of my favourite descriptive terms. I'm rethinking that now in light of my star media presence.

AND IN KNITTING NEWS...well look what's turned up.

Two Rogue sleeves, just about ready to have their caps shaped. The body is done already. I am in a race against a cold front. We have a big one coming through at the moment. It's even snowing in Melbourne I hear! The mercury in Sydney has dipped below 18C and I need a woolly jumper! It's freezing here. Unfortunately I reckon it's the last cold snap before the onset of spring, so if I don't finish Rogue this weekend or sooner, sadly it'll have to be packed away with the other winter woollens till next November.