And so the days are filled...

11 February 2007

life is like knitting in the round, and around

These RPM socks are a fitting commute project. The round-and-round spiral of purl stitches reminds me of the seemingly constant home-work-work-home circuit during which I made this pair, the wheels on the train, the ticket turnstiles, the inbound scenery by morning unravelling as the outbound scenery by evening.

There were other fun commutes during which I worked on these socks, like the home-Christmas lunch-home again commute. And some of the saddest moments in recent memory were poured into these socks as well, when in December I commuted work-hospital-hospital-home during the last days of a beloved mate's life.

Debby mentioned recently the phenomenon of how much we come to associate certain knitted pieces with events happening in and around our lives. Her example was the camisole she was working on when Floyd Landis won Stage 17 in amazing fashion in the Tour de France. My Sunrise Circle Jacket is inextricably linked with the 2006 World Cup. The greens of my current Clapotis-in-progress will forever remind me of the vivid green pitches of the 2006-2007 Ashes test series.
And so life goes on... the next pair of commute socks (Retro Rib) have been cast on, and rows get added as the days progress. Wonder what the next pair will remind me of?