And so the days are filled...

30 August 2005

Looks like I've been busy

Have a look at my Flickr account (link in sidebar) to see all the FOs I've completed since my last post!
Alright, you caught me, these are just some things I've finished in the past year that I've photographed with a REAL CAMERA (not one of these digital do-dads). I've only now gotten round to developing the film. Remember developing film? You drop it off and a day later you go in to collect your photos? How strange... anyway, at the beginning of the roll were some long-forgotten photos from a 2004 holiday to New Zealand, so - don't worry - I haven't finished all these things in the past 2 days.
Tomorrow I promise a new post complete with images and diagrams. I have a puzzle for you, dear reader, to try and solve. It is indeed a knitting related puzzle. Bet you can't wait!