And so the days are filled...

15 August 2005

rogue ready - just in time

Not without a few fraught moments (including probably the dumbest knitting mistake you can ever make - I'll spare the details but suffice to say it involved one strand which seemed to pull quite easily until it snapped in half leaving a big gaping hole in a spot I have now cleverly concealed with Kitchener stitch), the Rogue is now finished, just in time for the last cold snap of the year. (c'mon cold snap...)
Here it is as you've probably seen it posted on millions of blogs before - strange placement of the cables necessitates an odd pose.
I had to rewrite the whole pattern after setting my heart on double knitting, rather than the requisite aran, weight yarn. The jumper was ceremoniously started on the Winter Solstice at the Chinese Gardens (in the tea house of course) and took almost 2 months to finish. It is admittedly addictive.