And so the days are filled...

29 August 2005

variegated noro madness

Here is the progress so far on the Backyard Leaves in Noro Silk Garden. I love this colourway but am still a little unconvinced as to its suitability for this scarf. I think I will only know whether or not I like it when the whole scarf is finished and I can see how the colours work together 'en portant'.

And here are the results of a little swatching with Noro Kureyon Goodness + Wavy:

Not sure where this is going. Don't attempt to adjust the colour on your monitor - it really is that kooky in real life. After trying a couple different approaches, I decided the way to go was to have 3 skeins working at once. In theory, as the waves of the scarf undulate back and forth across the three 'columns', the colours in each column will gradually variegate. Since I'm using yarn of the same colourway/dye lot, eventually, in theory at least, each colour will appear in each column in a haphazardous collision mimicking the unpredictability of nature...or a 5 year old's colouring book. Advice on whether or not to continue this experiment will be sought this evening from my SnB group. Any advice from you, dear reader, is welcome. Remember, I have 5 skeins of this stuff.