And so the days are filled...

22 August 2005

you win some you lose some

For the past 6 months now, Fiver & I have been trying to buy a house. Trouble is, we just can't seem to find the perfect one AND make the owner of it sell it to us. I hate bargaining. As an antidote to recently missing out on one house that I thought was a sure thing, I turned to eBay for some easy-win bargaining relief. No emotional attachment. A price I can pay without a visit to the bank. I placed a bid on this:

You know what? I LOST. What bad luck is following me around, I can't even WIN a stupid ball of YARN on e-bay for which there are only THREE BIDS, TWO OF WHICH were MY OWN?!?!
I was beginning to get seriously worried for my ability to purchase anything through the bargaining/auctioning means. But then, luck smiled upon me. The vendor of the yarn said she had some additional balls of the same stuff in stock and could sell them to me for the final bid price anyway. So as of ... well, soon, whenever the parcel arrives... I will be the proud owner of 5 skeins of the most obnoxious Noro Kureyon colourway I think I have ever seen. (Fiver doesn't know about this yet. I promise, it's my last yarn purchase before we really buy a house!)
My plan for the Noro? It is is involves a scarf. It's Wavy. Will the combination of crazy Kureyon and mind-bending Wavy be enough to catch an auctioneer's attention at the next big house-attempt? Definitely. Will it be suitable as one last hurrah in the world of knitting non-stashed wool? Absolutely. Does it make me feel better about losing out on the house? Not really. Will it really be the last wool purchase I make for the next 30 years while I am paying off a mortgage? I guess not. But why not welcome this yarn to my knitting bag with a little fanfare.
A coworker who speaks Japanese tells me that 'Kureyon' is the Japanese version of 'Crayon' - that makes perfect sense. He also tells me that 'Noro' means 'rustic tone' which is possibly why this particular colourway appears to be discontinued.