And so the days are filled...

26 September 2005

Cheer, cheer the red and the white

Rabid swannies fan's office windowHere's a window I saw on Friday before the game

The atmosphere in Sydney leading up to the big game was positively electric. After a gruelling 2+ hours in which I could barely look at the big-screen television theSwannies emerged victorious with the lowest score in an AFL grand final since 1968, when Jacqueline's Essendon Bombers won with 54. The game had all the makings of a classic sporting event, one for the annals - including an amazing catch in the last second that would have spelled certain victory for the opposition if caught by the wrong hands. The pub I was in suddenly erupted in a fit of stranger-hugging and tears of joy as the strains of the Swans song echoed down the streets of Sydney. It was a moment I'll remember the rest of my life!

Inspired by Rebecca's cupcaking madness, on Friday I promised my colleagues at work cupcakes if the swans won. So this morning I delivered.
In fact Rebecca came over on Sunday to provide much-needed guidance in the cupcake making. She also provided the red gel icing used to decorate the cakes with various swannies-themed pictograms. (Mostly illegible after sitting overnight in plastic boxes and a commute across town on Monday morning.)

Swannies cupcakes