And so the days are filled...

23 September 2005

A (hopefully) luck scarf

No, it's not a FO post, this was made months ago (March to be exact) but here is a photo of Fiver's LUCKY SWANNIES SCARF. Its real luck value will be truly tested on Saturday when the Sydney Swans take on the West Coast Eaglesin the Aussie Rules Grand Final. This scarf has been to nearly every home game at the Sydney Cricket Ground and it very well may be the reason the Swannies have gotten this far in the competition.

(Yes, they play football in the cricket ground. Click here for a lovely shot of football in action at the hallowed SCG in the 1930s. We usually sit in the stand to the left in the background of the picture.)

They haven't won the premiereship since 1933 or something like that, back when they were the South Melbourne Swans, making them the Aussie Rules equivalent of my beloved Boston Red Sox. Our regular game-going companion, Papa (Fiver's grandfather) used to play for the Swans when they were in South Melbourne (well ok it was reserve grade, aka the minor leagues) - so we have a familial stake in the outcome of tomorrow's match. Please please, if you are not already a dedicated fan of West Coast, think of 90 year old Papa and his fervent wish to see his Swannies take the glory once again for the first time since the depression, and direct your goal-kicking thoughts toward the Swans all day.

Jacqueline, maybe your next Minute in Melbourne could be broadcast live from the MCG?