And so the days are filled...

13 September 2005

A very good question indeed

My #1 knitting pal Rebecca has just started up her own knitting blog, and so I am pleased to introduce to my vast readership CravE.

This is a blog with a very interesting angle. The url is 'what do you crave' ? A very good question indeed. Since you have never had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca like I have, it will not be so very obvious to you, dear reader (except Rebecca) that Rebecca does not ask a question like 'What do you crave' in the sense that the response might be something like 'a soy latte with one sugar' or 'a really huge bowl of ice cream' or 'a never ending supply of gin on tap in my kitchen next to an ice machine.' No, Rebecca's question is of the more rhetorical and metaphysical type. Astute readers of the blog will scroll down to the bottom and read the quotation which is the departure point for the contemplation of the word 'CravE'.

True to form, in her first two posts, Rebecca has 'thrown down the gauntlet' (with such panache, I can easily see Roy and HG commentating in future posts.) She has identified her problem: stash. (Don't worry Rebecca, I've seen photographs and heard reports of stashes larger than yours but yours is definitely the largest stash I've ever seen in person.) She has introduced the Serious Project. She will go on to document her metaphysical battle with novelty yarns. I am pleased to say that I will be at her side every step of the way as she knits and purls her way to enlightment and the acquiring of contentment, as demonstrated by the following image in which Meg (left) can be seen untangling yarn for Rebecca's project as Rebecca continues to patiently knit (right).

So what are you doing still reading this??? Get on over to CravE !!!