And so the days are filled...

20 October 2005

I always thought I needed that!

Could this be my new home? I saw Amelia's post about this and it was too intriguing not to have a go - google "yourname needs" and list the results. It seems a lot of references to Meg out there refer to dogs named Meg, Meg Ryan, or entities with the acronym MEG. Here's what I need, organised into categories:
-Meg needs a home. [Personally, I kind of like the one pictured.]
-Now Meg needs to learn to let go.
-Meg needs as much continuity as possible.
-Meg needs an item but cannot remember where she put it.
-Meg needs a lot of attention but will give you undivided love.
-Meg needs to work hard to retain the loyalty of fans.
-Meg nees to STOP doing romantic comedies!
-Man, all I have to say is that Meg needs to be writing more reviews.
-I think Meg needs the Chibi-Death Stick, yes? [this is my FAVOURITE but I'm a little leery of the real Chibi-Death Stick]
-Meg needs to tour solo.
-Meg needs mega purrs please.
-The MEG needs to collect, use, retain, and disclose personal information to provide services to our members, volunteers and customers.
-Meg needs the money to escape from her stepdad Franco, an evil and twisted man.
-Master has determined that meg needs and requires a basic structure and discipline to help her feel and grow in her slavery and devotion to him and that...
-The last thing Meg needs is another dead body.
-Fiber grade MEG needs to comply with a certain purity level determined by the outcome of several analytical tests.