And so the days are filled...

06 October 2005

Missing person's report

Rumours abound in blogville that Meg is among the missing. Nearly a week ago, she was seen heading toward the Sydney Swans Tickertape Parade on Friday the 30th of September.
Tadhg Kennelly (aka eye candy for some) and Michael O'Loughlin were able to confirm her presence at the parade.
Following the parade it is rumoured she kicked off the October Long Weekend with a picnic in the Botanic Gardens, followed by a film and some serious knitting; however this is unsubstantiated.

What is known to authorities is that she's been spotted by paparazzi on a rooftop in a seaside resort modelling one so-called Ene's Shawl. Attempts are being made to contact Ene to discover additional facts. In the meantime, the subject is believe to be armed with needles and dangerous.

(More shawl finishing details here.)