And so the days are filled...

07 October 2005

On a roll

I suppose finishing Ene has given me the impetus, confidence, or mania to delve further into this lace shawl world which has already so taken the north american blogland by storm (viz Summer of Lace). Well now it's summer down here so I'm thinking fine, lightweight lace projects are the go.

I think the second blog I ever saw was All Tangled Up. I think I found it by following the link on Knitty to the designer of the French Market Bag. I saved a copy of the Kiri pattern on that very first visit. I would say that was about January 2005.

I talked about Kiri with my knitting pal, I tried to get Rebecca to do a KAL with me...I bought yarn and began Kiri. I thought I had a problem with kneedle sizes so I frogged and ordered more needles...I started Kiri again and realised it was a yarn problem. That yarn was put aside for another time, another project (and later became the frogged Clapotis/Crapotee that still haunts my knitting nightmares. I will complain about that later, someday.)

I bought more yarn, some Australian mulberry silk, destined for this project...alas it has sat alone and unregarded in the stash. The moment just wasn't right.

But then the morning after finishing Ene, I (quelle surprise) found myself in a yarn shop. Not only that, a yarn shop with a sale on. I found some Lana Gatto mohair in a mossy green colour. My eyes met those of the cat on the ball band and I knew it was destiny...even though I hate cats (and for the record you will never ever see a photo of a cat on this blog. I'm not apologising for that either.)

While at the yarn shop I was also making a selection for a much Bigger Project Which Shall Remain Undiscussed at present. Suffice to say the materials needed to be ordered and waited for before I could begin the Bigger Project, so I started up Kiri just to see how I went.

Not bad so far. I have been putting a lifeline in for each repeat and, sadly, yesterday, it came to my rescue. The mistake was not so much a problem with understanding the pattern, it was more a case of Not Paying Attention. So I frogged 1 repeat and am now on the right track, I think. Here is a closeup of life after the lifeline incident.

Here credit must be given to my photographer, Ashley, who has admitted to having missed his calling as a fashion photographer. He has taken most of the knitting photos you see on my blog. I think he is developing quite an eye for knitwear photography, so anyone who's thinking of publishing a book and looking for a photographer, consider this guy. He is just so darn happy with a camera in his hand, he takes a lot of bossing around with a great deal of good humour. 'Styling' the knitting on a bit of etched glass from Bronte House which usually sits in my office was his idea. I was dubious at first, but I think it's come out quite nicely.

This weekend I'll be picking up the supplies for the Bigger Project so stayed tuned for the grand unveiling...