And so the days are filled...

22 November 2005

Coming up next...socks

Taryn over at Fuzzy Orange Bear and her mate Alison the Stitchingmum have started up a special KAL for those of us who enjoy our Christmases next to the barby and our night skies lit by the Southern Cross - it's a fair dinkum down under Antipodean Summer Sock Knitalong - strewth!
Now in addition to dragging me away from an alarmingly growing pile of Scarves In Progress, Taryn is going to be in big trouble with my bank manager for her latest enterprise, importing all that Lorna's Lace to our fair shores...(go check it out!) But I am a willing victim, and besides, I've been talking about knitting socks for yonks, and I've been wondering what that Lorna could possibly have that makes people like her so much... So I've joined up in the KAL.
That said, I'm still not sure what yarn or pattern I'll use but I would like to give this toe-up business a try, and why not throw in a Turkish Cast On while I'm at it? I have been obsessed with the various patterns involving leaves lately (Kiri shawl, Backyard Leaves scarf) so Amelia's Elfine Socks do take my fancy. On the other hand, I have been coveting the lace knee-high socks from Interweave Knits (Winter 2004) for many months, since I saw this picture of them. I will give the yarn and pattern questions some further consideration during a trip to Melbourne this weekend.
In the meantime, if you have a hankering for socks, stay tuned...or go join Sock it to me Summer. C'mon in, the water's fine!