And so the days are filled...

10 November 2005

Rock bottom

I suppose everyone must go through those weeks where one is really outrageously busy with whatever it is we do with the bulk of our time. (In my case that's the day job.) It bugs me a little when I get into the rut of one of those weeks or fortnights where all my fun things get pushed aside, but then I suppose it happens to everyone at one point or another and it's best just to get through the horrid week and then relax until it's time to brace myself for the next one.

But I realised I'd hit absolute rock bottom with letting work take over my life yesterday. Things had gotten to the point where I was even giving up my half-hour-each-way commute (during which I normally knit to my heart's content) to read things for work. But yesterday, having worked an awful lot of hours, I thought, I'll treat myself to some knitting on the way home.
But I was chilled to the core when I opened my trusty backpack to find...
No knitting!
Not even a scrap of yarn!
No, it wasn't that I didn't bring it with me - I specifically recalled swapping over 'in transit' projects on my way out that morning so I could have something simple to work on...
Not being a mother, I can't quite say with any authority that I felt like I'd misplaced my CHILD but that was what I was thinking I felt like.
It wouldn't really have been the end of the world, except it was a little one skein wonder I'd decided at the last minute to whip up for a friend overseas who has a birthday NEXT WEEK.
I had so been looking forward to showing you, dear reader, a photo of the one skein wonder. It is truly an alluring little pattern. It is even slowly converting me to being a fan of the shrug. Yes, Rebecca, I realise it was less than a week ago that I told you I was 'morally opposed to shrugs' when you expressed your shock at my choice to make a shrug for this friend. But the one skein wonder is weaving its little spell over me and I am enchanted.
Anyway, can't stay and chat - I've got to go retrace my steps. Luckily I haven't been many places recently other than home and work, so I am pretty confident that the devilish little shrug cannot have strayed far.

EDIT: Nobody panic!! I HAVE NOW LOCATED THE KNITTING. I promise a photo of The Shrug That Strayed tommorow.