And so the days are filled...

14 November 2005

This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship

As promised in my last post (but, I apologise, not delivered to my promised deadline...sheesh, that's the story of my life) here is my errant One Skein Wonder who went walkies last week when I was in dire need of a relaxing knit. Luckily, the shrug was found hiding underneath a huge stack of papers underneath my desk that I had been attempting to ignore.
As always, arty shot courtesy of Ashley the Aperture man. (A less arty shot - though also by Ashley the master - showing the shrug in its full form is available here.)
As hinted at previously, I am absolutely smitten with this pattern and it has turned me into a shrug-lover. I am feeling compelled to make a shrug for myself now. Gasp! This design is quite clever, easy to adjust for different yarns and sizes, and looks alot better ON than I thought it would. (However, I am not yet prepared to post a photo of myself modelling said shrug for all to see. This one's a gift for a friend who loves fuzzy things. Me, I'm not much of a fuzz wearer.)

Project specs - not much to report, except I used some white mohair that was salvaged from a Vinnies cardie that was, in its former life, obviously a less-than-loved nanna-made gift for a littlie. There is plenty of yarn left over but I'm not sure that I'm going to race out and make something else with it - the mohair was a bit scratchy on my hands and arms. Yes, that will be a problem for the wearer of this shrug, but oh well, she'll find a way around it. She's really keen on fuzzy things, did I mention that?