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31 January 2006

They're black, they're lacy, they're....socks

Despite shifting all of my worldly possessions from one side of the city to the other over the past week, I still managed to get some knitting done. I could have reported on these earlier but I had to locate 1. my kitchener stitch instructions (still not confident enough to do those without graphic assistance) and 2. my sewing-up needle. Luckily both were carefully packed in well-labelled boxes and I only had to open about 10 things before happening on the required tools of the trade.
socks at rest
These black lace kneehigh socks were completed just in time for me to take up residency in a part of Sydney which is known for its prevalence of goth inhabitants. Despite the purple and black seen here, I am not a goth. But sometimes it would be nice to be able to accessorise a bit like one - hence, these socks.
I have always wanted to see if I could knit lace kneehighs, and then when I saw Kris's version of these, I instantly began plotting a replica. Kris very patiently conducted some scientific experiements for me with her own pair of kneehighs to test for hold-up-ability. She is still waiting to hear from Nature whether her article on these experiments has been accepted for their next volume - but if you can't wait until the science segment of your nightly news for the results, the sneak preview is that knitting the elastic into the cuff of the socks does not seem to help hold them up as much as wearing them over a pair of leggings/stockings/tights.
Once Dr Kris made this discovery, I commenced knitting sans elastic. My socks will probably droop a bit but for now they stayed up long enough for their 10 minute photo shoot in 30 degree heat. Suffice to say, these socks will not see the light of day again until more conducive weather arrives in my neighbourhood.
More project details here and a couple more of Ashley's brilliant photos are here. (you just can't get enough can you?!)
Avid readers and/or fans of statistics might have noticed that this is the 50th post on Days blogging half-century (and no, that's not me in the picture)!