And so the days are filled...

23 February 2006

International Cheer-Up-a-Knitter Day

I am hereby declaring today International Cheer-Up-a-Knitter Day. If you know a knitter who's feeling blue, stop by and say hello - it might make their day.
Don't know any knitters who might need cheering up? Luckily I can help you there. Pop over to CravE and leave a comment for Rebecca. Her scooter was broadsided by a 1-ton truck on Valentine's Day, which is incidentally 2 days before her birthday, and 1 day before she was supposed to leave for a much-anticipated camping trip. Needless to say, the camping trip did not go ahead, and the birthday passed virtually unmarked. After a number of days in hospital and a few more days in a painkiller-induced stupor, Rebecca has returned to the blog world with her usual cutting wit and resilient attitude toward life-threatening accidents.
She will pull through in style (purple cast, of course) - but won't be knitting for a few months. I've suggested scrapbooking as an alternative hobby she can do with one hand. Any other ideas? Drop by and let her know!