And so the days are filled...

05 March 2006

Introducing a new character

Here is Guinness in the fridge:
Guinness in the fridge
Here is Guinness in the backyard:
Guinness in the back yard
Introducing...another character in the continuing drama of my Full Days, Harvey McGuinness, or Guinness for short.
What a face!
He joined our family yesterday after his last family decided they had their hands full with a 20 month old boy and a 2 week old boy. Guinness (whose first family named him Harvey) decided to make the 2.5 hour journey to Sydney with us from his native land of Maitland where he was pretty much an outdoors dog in a quiet suburban neighbourhood. He has taken to the bright lights big city of Sydney in true style, however, like many country folk newly arrived in the city, he is still trying to say hello to each and every thing he passes.
Guinness's thick black coat seems to be quite ample for keeping him warm at the moment, so readers need not fear that I am about to launch into a doggie sweater knitting frenzy. But I do suspect he may be making an appearance in these pages because he is too cute not to mention from time to time...