And so the days are filled...

27 March 2006

"That's what you get for being a hurdler"

Every big sporting event has its highlights. For some it is the thrill of victory, but I suspect for most of us, there is an underdog or a non-winner (note I didn't say loser) who truly captures the heart. For me, the absolute highlight of the entire Commonwealth Games was the women's 100 meter hurdles. Nineteen year old Aussie Sally McLellan lost her footing as she went over one hurdle, then crashed through the next, falling at just the second last hurdle of the race. After being consoled by a teammate, she was brave enough to give an interview to the trackside television crews during which she said "It didn't turn out how I wanted it to, but that's life. That's what you get for being a hurdler."

That's why I love sport - sport is like life. Everyone has their challenges. It's just unfortunate that for hurdlers, life offers up literal hurdles, while the rest of us only have to deal with metaphoric ones.

My own Knitting Commonwealth Games sprint has ended rather similarly. As the credits of the closing ceremony television broadcast rolled, I was still a sleeve cap away from my goal. But, oh well, that's life, and that's what you get for being a knitter.

In the meantime, I direct you to the amazing achievements of the Team Norway captain, who has completed her beautiful Phildar cardi seaming, and to our representative of the host city, who was actually physically present at the Closing Ceremony and will no doubt give you a much better run down on the event than I can from my position in front of the telly.

Next world-sport-related knitting deadline? How about the Knitting Tour de France? The Knitting Soccer World Cup? The Knitting Ashes?!? The Knitting Melbourne Cup? The Knitting AFL Grand Final??? The list could go on and on!! Ah, stuff it. Let's just knit.