And so the days are filled...

28 April 2006

The black blob

Reading through my bloglines this morning, a thought crossed my mind...Why haven't posted in a while??? After a frank and earthy discussion with myself, I decided it was because I had been hoping to show you the Black Blob I started over Easter at least as a 100% complete blob (albeit without the million kilometers of ribbed bands I will have to do even once the main blob is completed.)

Being the knitting content hounds that I know you are, I realised that this was a silly ambition. Of course you would want to know what I was up to! Even if it is really just a blob. I remember seeing this blob on Serendipity and wondering how on earth it would become a cute little bolero. But Jacqueline pulled it off, and, having read the pattern, I feel pretty confident that I know where this is going too. Here it is in all its in-progress-blobbiness:

I got most of this done on ANZAC Day, a large part of which was spent watching the traditional AFL match in Melbourne. In a gesture of tacit support for Jacqueline's team, I chose to make my stitch markers red.

Serendipitously (and even though she didn't know about the stitch markers until now), a parcel arrived from Jacqueline the Generous this morning. Although it really was not deserved, Jac felt that she wanted to repay a few kindnesses with a ball of Marta's yarn. (Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining one bit! It is just that the particular services rendered did not require repayment.) As she says in her note, everyone needs an excuse to go to Marta's once in a while. May I take the opportunity to point out that if any of you ever feel the need for an excuse to stop by your LYS, I will be happy to be that excuse and you can then send me your purchase. No problem. I am not sure what I will do with this alluring green yarn. No doubt Jacqueline will have a suggestion or two, and you will see some exciting developments here in the near future. (Naturally, I will make it very clear that it was her stunning taste in yarn selection that made the finished product so wonderful.)

Another bolt out of the blue jolted me from my slumber in the middle of the night: I have been entirely remiss in not directing you to Susan's blog. Remember that meme I did a while back when I mentioned that I thought hers was a blog most people hadn't discovered, including myself, as she hadn't made the address public yet? Well now she's out of the proverbial blog closet at Band of Sisters. It is a thought provoking blog about life, the universe, and everything - but mostly about knitting. Please toddle over and say hello.

Now, what have we here? A little tidbit to whet your appetite... what are these supplies intended for and where will they be going when they hop into a little AustraliaPost mailbag this afternoon??? "Tune in next week for the continuing stooooooooory of a quack who's gone to the dogs." (If anyone can name the source of that quote, I will not send you a prize, but you would absolutely make my day! Think hard...the clues are contained in the quote itself...)