And so the days are filled...

16 April 2006

some dithering

There is not much to report from public-holiday-relaxation-central, but since I promised a photo of my progress on the Lady Eleanor stole sometime last week, I thought I ought to deliver! Here it is, about 1/3 of the way through (looking a bit washed out in the afternoon sun):
33.3%I don't mind taking this project at an easy pace. It's too large to carry around with me and for many months the weather has been too hot to work on it.

I have really been savouring the choosing of the next project. I have been mulling over lots of patterns and considering all sorts of reasons for doing one thing now and another later. Faced with a degree of indecision I have thought about just casting on for everthing and seeing what takes my fancy. Two things look like they're in the lead for next project, a lace leaf shawl for my MIL's 60th birthday, and a Fiery Bolero, otherwise dubbed the black blob by Jacqueline who made it last year. (yes, mine will be black too.)

But both of those projects have been delayed by various factors, waiting for a mail-order pattern, needing to salvage a vinnie's jumper for yarn, that sort of thing. So in the meantime I cast on another project, the sock which requires no introduction, in my Christmas yarn from Fiver.
33.3%As Sydneysiders will know, the Royal Easter Show is on at the moment. I took lots of photos to show you with my newfangled mobile phone (my first) but I have to figure out how to get the photos off the phone and onto the blog first. In the meantime, Rebecca has a roundup of all the fun that's to be had at the Show. Go have a look!