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11 May 2006

Scientific tests prove...that phoning a friend is easier

One, one mrs beeton
What do you think about this finished Mrs Beeton (whose partner is yet to be started)? Can you see the slightly wonky decreases? I admit that after finishing this Beeton I put it away for a few days while I decided whether to re-do it. But coming back to it yesterday to take a photo it doesn't look as wonky as I remember it.

Of course I would not be so picky if this Beeton were not destined for a stellar knitter like Kris. And I know she'll say "it's fine, don't worry about it" - which is why I need some independent advice from the innocent bystanders. Be honest - to frog or not to frog? And if to frog, any advice on fixing up the right-leaning decreases in particular? (I have been using K2tog and these are knit from the fingers toward the wrist, so in the photo above the problem decreases lean left.) (Some very rigorous scientific testing of left-leaning decreases has been going on at Pepperknit, which is admirable. I prefer to just get you to tell me what to do.)

Nonetheless, a bit of scientific experimentation has been taking place. The Leaf Lace Shawl for the Mother-in-Law (or Mother Outlaw as I prefer to call her, since she's 'only' a defacto MIL) - my Amazing Lace partner - has been started, twice. I have chosen to make the DK weight shawl, and the recommended needle size is 6mm. When it comes to lace I don't give two shakes about knitting up a gauge swatch - what really matters is how the yarn knits up as lace. Because I tend to agree that lace looks better on smaller needles (and because I have 5mm addi's on hand but not 6mm), I at first cast on using 5mm needles. Not sure that this was not producing a texture that was going to be too dense or thick, I also cast on with 6mm needles (yucky horrible non-Addi's). Today I pinned them both out for a good comparison:
leaf lace race
(I am not saying a thing about the quality of these photos. My professional photographer is overseas so I'm having to make do.)

Of course since it's for Fiver's mum, he was the first person to be consulted. He said, wisely, "Do whatever you like." The problem is, I know which one I like but I know I like it for all the wrong reasons. So, while you're weighing in on the burning Mrs Beeton decrease issue, why don't you dispense some advice on whether you like the look of the top (6mm needles) or bottom (5mm needles) shawl. (And to keep things fair I will not divulge my wrong reasons for preferring one over the other.)