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16 June 2006

Novelty Yarn Scarf Survey 2006

In order to determine the health of a biological population, scientists often undertake surveys of particular species. In this series, Meg documents her winter 2006 survey to determine the health of the novelty yarn scarf population in Sydney. Has novelty yarn gone the way of the poncho and the pashmina? Or is there a healthy breeding population? Spread across the study area? Or confined to microhabitats?

Scientists will capture evidence of novelty yarn scarves using hidden cameras in the wild. Attempts will be made to quantify the results and it is anticipated a new classification system may be a result of the study.

And there is a facility for readers to report their own sightings! You can leave a comment on this post to tell us of any novelty yarn scarves you spot in the wild. Have a photo? Give us a link! (If you upload your novelty yarn scarf photo to flickr you can give it the tag "novelty yarn scarf survey 2006".)
Specimen 0001
Date: 16 June 2006
Time: 8:25am approx
Location: Redfern Station, city-bound train
Description: Due to glare and view impediment caused by position of scarf wearer, the only descriptors available are: multicolour (purples, blues, maroons predominant), garter stitch, unfringed, faux fur
NYSS 2006.6.16.jpg