And so the days are filled...

08 September 2006

Great Aussie wine labels #347

Yes that's right, UNDER $2. It was $1.89, in fact.

As a consummate cheapie, how could I pass up the opportunity to taste a wine which, by the bottle, is even cheaper than a schooner of beer?

It had a full body, and a buttery palate. Lacking in tannins for a shiraz, which to me is not a bad thing. Strangely, very sweet but hardly fruity. Well rounded but probably not able to stand up to an onslaught of gastronomic delights. In other words, perfect with pizza in front of the telly on a friday night.

As the ruddy-cheeked man who sits on a crate chatting with the owner of my local bottle-o croaked, "We live in the lucky country."