And so the days are filled...

30 September 2006

Things are getting hot for Sydney Swans fans

Things are getting hot for Sydney Swans fans, especially if you happen to be a very furry dog with a NEW Sydney Swans jumper!
What's new pussycat?
This was made for Guinness by his Aunty Rebecca, who cast on for it while watching the Swans beat the West Coast Eagles by 1 point in the first finals round a few weeks ago.
Work it baby
Nevermind that Rebecca's never been much of a footie fan - she duly showed up at my house dressed in as much red & white as she could find in her wardrobe, and with red & white knitting to work on, to boot. Isn't she an absolute legend!
Cue the mood music
Guinness absolutely loves wearing his new jumper. He will certainly be wearing it while sitting in front of the television watching the Swans take on West Coast again for the Grand Final today!
Look out West Coast, here comes Guinness