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09 October 2006

Nothing says Get Going With the Baby Knits...

Nothing says "get going with the baby knits" quite like dad-to-be's late night phone call: "We're about to go to hospital, would you mind dogsitting?"
Pantoufle Pines

Full of nervous energy and with a big sook of a whippet on my lap, I picked up this Pea Pod Baby Set (designed by Kate Gilbert, in Interweave Knits Summer 2006), which I had started as my knitting-while-reading last month during my Booker Prize longlist marathon. Twelve hours later, just as I was finishing off the little beanie (yes, I had gone to sleep for a while in the interim), new dad phoned to tell me the little tacker was born and that he was in fact a humongous baby (4.17kg - 9lb2oz to old fashioned folk). Fearfully, I asked what the head circumference was, but that had not yet been measured.
Pea Pod Baby Set

Mum and baby were presented with gifts yesterday. Although baby, still unnamed, is quite large, there was ample room in the beanie for his head to grow into it. Phew!

And for anyone following the unfolding drama of the Booker Prize - the big announcement will take place about 7am Sydney time tomorrow (Tuesday Wednesday). I'm still in the library queue for one book, and the other yet to read is still on-order - so the 2006 effort has resulted in an even tie with 2005: 4 out of 6 shortlisted books read prior to the announcement. I have finished another one of the longlisted books, review to come shortly.