And so the days are filled...

16 November 2006

I'm published!! and a secret is revealed...

Have you seen Yarnival? It's one of those blog carnival thingies.

I had never heard of the Yarnival until Cara called for submissions for issue 3 which she (so magnificently!) edited. And holey moley - my submission was accepted! My post about Fiver's Leo is included in the Features section, along with others who have faced the Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater.

So this seems an opportune time to come clean with you. That Baltic Sea Stole? The one that's finished, blocked, and carefully folded away and wrapped lightly in some tissue paper? The one I've NEVER shown you as a finished object? It's going to be debuted on Saturday afternoon when I will become the one and only Mrs Fiver in what promises to be the biggest coming out party for a knitted stole this town has ever seen!

I hope this explains a bit my recent lack of blogging and the introduction of lots of (gasp) non-knitting content here as of late.

And now that I've got your attention, please wander over and say hello to Rebecca, the one and only bridesmaid. She's been working her eyeballs out on some special wedding related things which are sure to amaze you.

After that, you can go grab a cuppa and read the rest of Yarnival !