And so the days are filled...

24 November 2006

The paparazzi have coughed up the goods

Just in time, before departing for a one week honeymoon in the wilds of Tasmania, the paparrazzi photographs of the wedding have become available for your viewing pleasure!

We arrived by tandem bicycle to a glorious Sydney evening. Dismounting the tandem was not the most graceful move of the day... To those of you who are inordinately interested in footwear, I am sorry this is the best shot I have of the shoes at present.

This shot kind of shows the stole, as well as the lining of the dress and the cut of the back.

This shot demonstrates how much fun I had on the day! And there's Fiver, who's still a little shy about showing his face...

The eagle-eyed among you will see that the centre panel of the dress is printed with peonies, which were echoed in the bouquet I carried. My florist was Bloomey's (9360 1788) and I can't recommend them highly enough. Getting flowers with them was like having a psychic reading!

Thank you for all your congratulations and good wishes! See you in a week!