And so the days are filled...

31 December 2006

For the record...

Just for the record, my new year's resolution (not that I make them) is (again) to read more. My 2006 total fell far short of my 2005 total, so I will again attempt to read more. Relatedly, I will try to let you know what I think of the literary offerings that cross my path, if you will suffer my foibles gladly enough...

And because I have always been a big fan of first sentences, here are my monthly first sentences from the past year:


I have really enjoyed reading all of the various new year's thoughts being posted about the place.


Despite taking 6 years of figure skating lessons, I was never destined to be an Olympic star.

You know how there was that Knitting Olympics thingy going on... how I didn't really consider myself a participant even though I did have a goal related to the Olympics timeframe... You know how I was foiled in the last official measurement and fell 1 inch short of my goal in the final stretch...


I didn't know this but apparently April 1st is the annual day to expose oneself (or at least one's stash) to the light of day.

Here is my completed Black Blob (OK OK, the actual name of the pattern is Fiery Bolero), looking a little less blobby since the last time you saw it.

The leaf lace shawl for my Mother Outlaw was finished over the weekend.


I know how she feels.

On a rainy winter Sunday evening one year ago yesterday, I sat down and started up this here blog, purely on a whim.


Just in case this blog is your primary source of Australian Football League news, here is a wrap-up of how the dust has settled on the 2006 season.


The announcement of the Booker Prize looms ever closer and I have crossed another two books off the short list:


I realise I haven’t posted in a while but it was Fiver’s querying the lack of any new posts which really alerted me to the gravity of the situation.


There have recently been a few queries as to whether or not I knit anymore.

Happy new year everyone!