And so the days are filled...

06 December 2006

Menu du jour

This month, Chez Daysfull is delighted to present the following menu:


To begin with, we offer something that will tantalise your senses - a fresh and healthy Lite Clapotis. This scaled-down, laceweight scarf version of the dish we all know and love will provide your palate with something to keep your mind off your growing hunger, while our chefs busily work in the kitchen to concoct the rest of your meal!

Main Course

Not quite Grandma's lamb roast, this woolly warmer is a winner in wintry lands and will keep you warmer than you will ever find necessary in Sydney's sub-tropical climes, be it deep mid-winter (which it's not) or all year round. Our chef is most likely to present this Lady Eleanor not in her usual wrap form, but in an unusual and bold combination of textile art and wall hanging. In this specially prepared dish, randomly spun wool fibres are woven and looped for over a year, resulting in a succulent and juicy stew. Don't disturb Chef, she's nearly 3/4 of the way through this delicate process!


To finish off, why not try a delightful degustation of weaving in ends, seaming, and hemming? Give in to the luscious temptation of pure recycled cotton, carefully prepared and fully bound off, presented in tantalising overlapping semi-circles. Something to take the chill out of late spring evenings, this Sunrise Circle Jacket requires just a glance from you (and a few buttons) to be complete!

Doggy Bag

Too full? Can't fit in another bite? Well, here's a perfect little snack for while you're on the road on on the train. RPM is sure to tide you over until you get your appetite back!