And so the days are filled...

08 December 2006

We interrupt this knitting content to bring you two tea cosies

Ever since Jacqueline posted her collection of tea cosies (and challenged the rest of us to post ours), I have been meaning to share these three tea cosies which, although they are not mine, have entered my life of late:

The Work Tea Cosy. We bring this out whenever we have people visiting the office we want to impress. It was crocheted by a former staff member as a gift. This occasion happens to be my birthday tea, and those funny blocky things next to the tea are Lamingtons.

Rebecca's Tea Cosy. This amazing table spread was the result of Rebecca's tireless efforts at throwing me the best Hen's Tea Party ever. Now that I've wowed you with her amazing ability to put together a gorgeous table spread, stop on by and look at the incredible cloth she pieced to adorn the table at the wedding ceremony! (And she will also reveal the source of the cupcake recipes!) (Of course it's difficult to thank someone enough for all this beautiful effort but I commissioned a gorgeous bag from Di that will go some way toward expressing my gratitude!)

The Thimble Cottage Tea Cosy. One of the highlights of the recent honeymoon was a stay in a cute little cottage in Oatlands (where we met the sheep) dating to about 1840 - three bedrooms, living room, kitchen, backyard - all to ourselves. We had lots of fun playing house. Fiver built a fire in the fireplace. That boy loves to play with fire. Of course the fact that the cottage came equipped with not only a teapot but a cosy as well - it was just perfect.