And so the days are filled...

27 January 2007

Happy Birthday to Guinness!

What a fine fellow he is!
We've had a big day celebrating the second birthday of Guinness, who is now lying in the corner wondering how he possibly ate all those treats?

His big present, which he's been asking for all year, was a roo tail. Here he is receiving it...
And here he is an hour later... mmmm, roo tail...nearly finished...
Not to be deterred by the full stomach of roo tail, he didn't hesitate to tuck into his 'birthday cake' - a plate of veggie dog treats (recipe here), containing two of his favourite ingredients - carrot and corn flakes.
The other cookies on the plate were a special treat for the adults attending the birthday party - Molasses Crinkles, similar to the ones here, but I used a recipe from a Moosewood cookbook.
No John, don't eat that, those ones are for the dog!