And so the days are filled...

17 January 2007

a pick-me-up

Work is still keeping me on my toes so here's another short one today.

Whenever I feel like I need a chuckle or a new perspective on life, I visit Alan Waddell's Walk Sydney Streets website. Three years ago, Alan set out to walk every street in Sydney. The thing is, he's now 92 years old! He has clocked up more than 3,250km in 225 suburbs since 2003. Check out the FAQs to learn more about him!

The very best thing about Alan's site is his humorous take on the everyday, ordinary things he passes by (and his understated wit when faced with not-so-ordinary things). If you are unfamiliar with Sydney, or only have a short time to browse, I suggest you check out the Secrets and Surprises pages. Every time I read them, I end up laughing out loud (even at things I've read numerous times before)!

A warning - his trivia questions are TOUGH!