And so the days are filled...

21 February 2007

Forest Path Stole: Tier One

Tier One of the entrelac Forest Path Stole was finished without anything interesting to report, but I do have a bit of a silly situation my hands.

Agnes' question to the Forest Path Stole KAL blog today was: Are you knitting with the right needles?
Clapotis on left, Forest Path Stole on right. Move over bacon!*

I think I am. In fact, I like my needles so much, they've got two projects going on them. (either that, or I'm too cheap to buy another 3mm Addi turbo... no comments from the gallery while the judges are out on that one, please!)

The good news is, the project muscling its way in on my Forest Path Stole is nearly finished. It's a lace weight Clapotis and I have less than 10 grams of yarn left to knit of it. So soon my 3mm's will be free and together we shall pursue the path of the stole, all the way to Tier Twenty Three.

*80s Sizzlean ad