And so the days are filled...

07 July 2007

C'est fini

Here is Butterfly, fresh off the needles. Not exactly finished - ends need to be woven in, it needs to be blocked, and - most importantly - the full ensemble needs to be assembled - but at least the knitting is done, just in time for the Tour de France knitting to commence!
Yes it's going to be a feverish dash for the month of July. I am probably setting myself up for failure by choosing Norah Gaughan's Hexagon Coat from Knitting Nature as my green jersey / sprinter's project for the Tour de France Knitalong. But why not take the opportunity to give it a red-hot go anyway!
Now not a peep out of you lot claiming doping or drug cheating - but I have actually finished one sleeve of the jacket already, and here it is (a little rumpled from its hibernation in the WIP basket). I have run this past the race officials and they say that one sleeve is an appropriate time bonus, given the scale of the project overall.

I can't promise there'll be anything but double moss stitch and more double moss stitch (that's for you Jac) for the next 22 days. But to see if I'm still able to string a sentence together after all that double moss stitch and staying up overnight to watch the Tour, you can look for me over on the TDF KAL where my lovely co-host and I will be attempting to entertain the knitting world with our witty banter about the cycling world.

And naturally, I'll post modelled photos and project details of the Butterfly once the final ensemble has been determined, je promets. (And don't be alarmed by the length of the straps, I want to be able to tailor the fit to whatever I choose to wear underneath it, so I made the straps a bit longer than necessary and will adjust them accordingly.)