And so the days are filled...

17 July 2007


I've long suspected that beneath the thin dainty and crafty veneer of the knitblog community there lurked a whole bunch of rockers and the latest wave of naming rockin' girl bloggers (link via another rockin' girl blogger, Donni) confirms this. Hege thinks I'm a rocker and who am I to disagree? I have woken up with a sore neck from headbanging at a concert. Granted, that was about 18 years ago - but once a rocker always a rocker.

And so without further ado, I would like to name the following people as Rockin' girl bloggers:
Ailsa - rockin' the 'gong (just try and top that scathing wit)
Bells - rockin' the canberra crew (partying in the nation's capital gets kicked off by Bells on a wednesday and the rest of the country follows suit on the weekend)
BrownPants - rockin' the sydneysiders (just look at her profile image and tell me she doesn't ROCK)
Jacqueline - rockin' the Yarra (the second time I ever met Jac she invited me to a punk concert. Enough said.)
Kat - made me a rockin' Sound Swap mix which has been rockin the itunes non-stop of late. And she rocks a camera like Mike D rocks the mike.

Here's the track listing so we can all aspire to rock like Kat (and now, me)!
1. Chan Chan (Buena Vista Social Club)
2. Sympathique (Pink Martini)
3. Carpet Crawlers (Genesis)
4. The Harry lime Theme (Anton Karas)
5. I'll Be All Right (Jorma Kaukonen0
6. What Do They Cal This Drink? (Don Was)
7. Hesitation Blues (Hot Tuna)
8. Sobabamba (Udokoteia Shange Namajaha)
9. Pilentze Pee (The Bulgarian State Radio & Television Female Choir)
10. Dance of the Cuban Cigar (Entrain)
11. Princess Nicotine (Big Lazy)
12. Bo Diddley (Bo Diddley)
13. Take Five (Dave Brubeck Quartet)
14. Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) (Us3)
15. Darshan (B21)
16. The Back Door (Dewey Balfa)
17. Cattle in the Cane (Grapevine Canyon Ranch Band)
18. Funky Ceili (Black 47)
19. Good Dog Ska (Bim Skala Bim)
20. This Cat's on a Hot Tin Roof (Brian Setzer)
21. Love Potion #9 (Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass)

While I'm on the subject of ROCKIN', I've finally found a podcast that I will regularly tune into. I just haven't been able to get into the whole Podcast thing. I guess if I'm going to listen to someone taking in my ears I'd rather they be reading me a book. 1 Hour of Music in 20 Minutes is a podcast through Dig radio. In each episode, our hostess Hermione Gilchrist selects about 20 tracks on a particular theme and plays about 1 minute of each track. Hence, you get a little taste of lots of different tracks, some new, some happily nostalgic, all selected and introduced with care and insight. Check it out if you're so inclined! (There's also a blog.)

While I've got you here, let me report on my Tour de France Knit Along progress. It's not been too shabby:

That's 2 sleeves and 2 fronts done. I'm working on the quarter-acre-block of the back now, with a daily quota of 40 rows (98 stitches per row) in order to finish the back by next weekend. That will leave me a week for knitting on the hexagon border, blocking, and seaming. Wish me luck! Now, I'm off to work on those 40 rows...