And so the days are filled...

01 August 2007

There's a pair in there

Today my blog turns the big TWO.

And in honour of this fact, I have decided to hold a little contest.

I am offering two prizes in this contest, one in each of two categories, as follows.

Category #1: The lurkers prize
In recognition of the importance of lurkers and relative newcomers to the blog (and because I love finding new blogs I might not already know about), I will give one skein of merino sock yarn from The Knittery to someone who leaves a comment on this post who has previously commented between zero and three times on this blog in the past year. If you are not sure how many times you've commented, don't worry, I have ways of finding this out.

Category #2: The stalwarts prize
Some of my favourite people I met through my blog and in recognition of what you all mean to me, I will knit a pair of socks for someone who leaves a comment on this post who has previously commented on this blog in the past year more than three times. If you are not sure about how many times you've commented... same goes as above.

Terms & Conditions (I cribbed these from Jacqueline)
1. To enter you must leave a comment on this post.
2. Only one comment per person. Any duplicates will be excluded.
3. Winners of each of the above prizes will be chosen in a random draw, which will take place on Wednesday 8th August.
4. Comments for this post will be closed off sometime over the weekend.
5. No late entries will be accepted.
6. Your comment on this post does not count toward the number of times you have previously commented on my blog.

Special Terms & Conditions - Stalwarts Prize
1. If you have commented more than three times but don't particularly want a pair of socks, say so in the comment. I might consider knitting you something different. Or you can just put the socks in your 'to-be-regifted' box.
2. The sock yarn I use for your pair of socks may or may not come from my stash. I will discuss with you any particular requirements you may have regarding fibre content.
3. The sock pattern will be chosen by me but I will take into account what I know of your taste before making a decision.
4. I am a sock knitter of average skill and below average speed. The socks will be an expression of my gratefulness for your friendship and readership. But they might not arrive next week or even next month, and if you are a sock knitter extraordinaire they might not measure up to your rigorous standards. If that is the case, please just be nice and tell me you like the socks. In reality I don't care if they end up in your 'to-be-regifted' box.
5. You will need to provide some essential foot measurement details prior to commencement of sock making.

OK, the comments are now .... open!