And so the days are filled...

02 March 2006

It's not a track and field event, but there's a hurdle

You know how there was that Knitting Olympics thingy going on... how I didn't really consider myself a participant even though I did have a goal related to the Olympics timeframe... You know how I was foiled in the last official measurement and fell 1 inch short of my goal in the final stretch...
Well, all of it has left me feeling a bit flat. Just like when you live in an Olympic host city - things seem eerily quiet when all the neighbours go home and life has to get back to normal. The television sits in the corner, turned off... silently challenging my 'it's ok to mindlessly watch tv because the Olympics are on' rationale.
The time has come to admit it... I don't think I'm going to finish Fiver's Leo by his birthday on 11th March. I did finish that last inch the very day AFTER the Olympics ended. But since then I have done all of 2 rows on the back. I pushed myself to the knitting limit getting the 16.5 inches of ribbing done for the body, and now I feel like I am lying in the recovery tent sucking energy drinks in an attempt to replenish my depleted energy.
So what's a sports fan to do? Obvious: move the hurdle. wind back the clock. call a rematch. That's why I'm here to announce what will be (I'm sure) the most unanticipated and wildly unpopular follow-up to the Knitting Olympics: the Knitting Commonwealth Games.
lawn bowlerCommonweath readers will have heard vague murmurs about the approaching Commonwealth Games. In fact, Melbourne readers might even have a clue as to what the Commonwealth Games involve, since the Games are being held there this year. Myself, I had to do a google search just to find out the starting and ending dates. I have never really paid attention to the Commonwealth Games and could not even name half the events or competing nations at a pub quiz. What I do know is that such sports as Lawn Bowls (see Figure 1) and Badminton really make for an interesting alternative to the Olympics. That, and the random exclusion of all other nations on earth which have shunned or otherwise rejected the colonial lingerings of our monarch, The Queen.
So, a new personal challenge is to be had. The Commonwealth Games run for two weeks from March 15th (opening ceremony) to March 26th. Yes, you heard it here first sports fans! I will finish Fiver's Leo by the end of the Commonwealth Games!
(And, don't worry - I've already checked it out - if I don't finish Leo during the Commonwealth Games, I will finish it during the Soccer World Cup.)