And so the days are filled...

22 May 2006

Europe and I have come to an agreement

I am really pleased to say that, for the first time in my life, I have agreed with the results of the Eurovision Song Contest. Last night, five guys dressed as monsters made me put aside my usual favourites (one must always barrack for the Aussie, and, yes, there was one competing in Eurovision!) and cheer for the Finns. It is high time someone other than the usual Abba-pop-diva-ripoff with a bit of folky instrumentation won this prize. Good onya Lordi.
(Image by Ansik from Flickr.)

Of course all this Eurovision prompted me to finish off the 2nd Mrs Beeton for Kris in our little swap. I won't show you any more than a glimpse so Kris has the full satisfaction of ripping open a parcel from down under with barely a clue as to what it contains.

And Kris? Can we do something about next year's Norwegian entry in Eurovision? I was hard pressed to give them huit points.