And so the days are filled...

03 May 2006

Need a quick fix? Enter the Blob...

Here is my completed Black Blob (OK OK, the actual name of the pattern is Fiery Bolero), looking a little less blobby since the last time you saw it.
NAME OF PHOTOCredit where it's due: Jacqueline inspired me to make this Blob after she made one last year. I have even modelled it here with a pink shirt underneath. Don't we all wanna be Just Like Jac? Fiver took these photos in the kitchen while making dinner last night. (Doesn't everyone cook in garments named after saucy Latin dances?) Here's the back:
NAME OF PHOTOHere's Fiver's favourite detail, and probably mine as well - the curved collar and side ribbed band, which is short-rowed to create a wider collar than front band. Rather graceful.
NAME OF PHOTOThis jacket was just the ticket for what I needed in my knitting life post-Leo. Something quick, something easy. Something that is not a classic fashion, something that will probably be completely out of style next month. (or is it already out of style?) Something for myself, something I didn't have to think about too much. Something girlie, something to wear. More project details and an interesting fact about the Bolero are here.

Now that's out of my system I can get back to my usual agenda. But wait! Stop the presses! What's this?
NAME OF PHOTOSomething received in the post today, all the way from Norway. Rather similar to something I set off in the post last week. Like all good continuing dramas, I will leave you hanging there until next time!