And so the days are filled...

18 July 2006

Two exciting announcements

The preview for the next Interweave Knits is up! (Thanks to Rachael for sounding the alert.)

I looked closely for skirt duplications, but did not find any. Tell me what you think of the projects - to me, the pickings look very slim indeed. Nothing that immediately jumps out as 'must make', much less 'inspiring'. The overall feel I have at the moment is 'why subscribe?' but perhaps I'm being overly harsh.

I would also like to take the opportunity to point you to the new Sydney Stitch n Bitch blog. Someone has gotten organised and I'm sure we'll all benefit. I have it on good authority that photo evidence from last night's Hart's escapade will be posted at some stage in the not distant future. My industrious little hands may show up, you never know!!