And so the days are filled...

15 August 2006

Double takes

The current issue of Interweave Knits is a bit of a disappointment in the department of double-duty accessories:

Red haired girl in green mohair swaps strange hat... (what is UP with that hat?!)
for a strange shibori scarf: (Anyone know the old adage, Blue and green should never be seen without something else in between? Obviously Interweave's stylists are prepared to break new ground here - but at least she's not wearing the shibori AND the strange hat. That would be too much.)

And I suppose I can't be too upset about this issue's examples of doubling up because at least its just the one model wearing the same clothes in two shots, they haven't made the models swap around clothing like they have been doing.

Note our friend wearing a casual cardie over jeans and a t-shirt...
And now wearing a casual hoodie over THE SAME jeans and a t-shirt:

I suppose lots of models wear their own jeans and t-shirts to photo shoots - just how many of them get to keep them ON for the duration of the shoot, I'd like to know.