And so the days are filled...

13 December 2006

Yes, alright, just a little bit more...

"Yes, alright, just a little bit more" is a phrase you will probably hear me utter a few too many times this holiday season. But in the interest of seasonality, and because I couldn't stand the feeling of being left out of all the last minute crafting mania I've been seeing out there (does that even need a link?), I thought I might give in to the temptation to do a just a little bit more knitting. Here are the results.

Top, a Buttonhole Bag (left: unfelted, right: felted). Last year these seemed to be ubiquitous coming up to the holidays, lately I haven't seen a single one. This little number was about 24 hours in the making - cast on at 10:30pm last Friday night (yes it's an exciting life) and into the washing machine for felting the next afternoon. It's part of a Christmas present for my mother-in-law. (We draw a name out of a hat so she's my only gift recipient this year, just in case you were worried I might start felting for a cast of thousands on the basis of this one successful example.) The yarn is from my first recycling project, and was leftover from my first felted bag, the French Market Bag.

Bottom, a pair of Fetching (left: modelled, right: unmodelled). These are for a friend whose birthday falls in the week after Christmas. I always like to include a birthday present for her when I send her family their Christmas parcel, hence the rush (they're overseas. As it is I'm worried I left it too late. The post office was not exactly inspiring confidence today, what with the queues, the frazzled workers, and the overflowing mail bags behind the counter!) The yarn for this was left over from my Rogue - I probably used about 75grams and still have about another 25grams left over. Love de-stashing - don't do it much, should do it more.

And that's all the holiday knitting you're going to see here this year! Inspired by Polly's marathon sock effort, I have nominated a couple of projects which shall NOT progress into 2007. What about you? Finishing off some long-running bugbears or burning the candle at both ends to get all your beautifully hand crafted Christmas gifts under the tree?