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01 March 2007

Forest Path Stole: Tier Two

I tend to be the sort of person who has strong first impressions and is quick to form opinions. This tends to get me into trouble. Hopefully I won't offend you with some of my loves and hates about the Forest Path Stole. OK, some of these are minor, trivial matters - why worry about them? Just humour me.
Love: Lily of the Valley
Hate: Birch Leaves
Love: the look of seed stitch
Hate: the mechanics of making seed stitch
Love: rectangles
Hate: triangles
Love: Even tiers
Hate: Odd tiers
Love: Centred double decreases
Hate: Directional decreases with no corresponding partner in the same row
Love: that K3 in between fronds in the Fern pattern
Hate: that K1, YO, P1, YO, K1 in the Birch Leaves pattern
Love: the issue of IK this pattern is in
Hate: the advertisement opposite the page with the charts
Love: SSK
Hate: K3tog (also hate K2tog but to a lesser extent)

Lest you think I am a well balanced person, with a hate for each love, here's a bit more love... remember last FPS report, I mentioned how much I loved my needles? So much so that they had 2 projects on them? Have a close look above, you'll see that Tier Two of my FPS is looking much more comfortable being the only project on the needles. Yep, Clapotis is off-the-needles. Love. I'll show it off once I've finished unravelling all the drop stitches (ok, ok. Hate unravelling the stitches.)

How's this for love:
Have to love any parcel that arrives with this label!

It was my award for being the 1500th commenter on Dave's marvelous blog, Criminy Jickets. Dave went out of his way to find sock yarns that aren't available in Australia - and didn't he do an amazing job! On the left is Koigu KPPPM, and on the right is some of Sundara's finest!
Or, to put it another way: foreground Koigu, background: Sundara