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24 October 2005

It's not easy being green

I suppose it's natural to go through phases like this but it is uncanny when you realise it's happening. Last year, everything I made was purple, or had shades of purple - at least that's what it seemed like. Imagine my shock when I looked at the growing pile of WIPs over the weekend and realised they are all ... green. I know that last year green was the new black. At least, apple green was. But I seem to be tending more toward the olives and drabs. I don't know what started it but I blame Rogue. I had intended to make my first Rogue for a friend who is ambivalent toward green. (In fact, I was thinking she would like purple.) But I just couldn't stop going back to this tweedy green yarn - which I eventually allowed Rebecca to talk me into buying, and with which I made a Rogue not for my friend, but for myself.
Since then I have, unbeknownst to even myself, engineered it so that all my projects are in green. First there was my yarn choice for the Stitch Ya Neck Out swap.
(Incidentally, that has become a project of my own again too, since Grumperina and I decided I would have to add a couple more balls to bring the length up to scratch.)Then I stumbled upon some yarn I just had to use for Kiri. Then, I managed to get Fiver to choose a drab green for his jumper - after (woe is me) the light beige he had chosen first was out of stock.
So, to summarise we have:
Swap scarf:

Fiver's jumper:

I just can't allow all this green to become something like a pattern or a statement. So over the weekend I cast on two BLUE projects. (Only one step away on the colour scale - towards my previously-beloved purple - must take things in slow steps, wouldn't want to do anything too radical now would I.)

So here's the saxe blue Yes I WILL Felt French Market Bag (base in construction)
And here's a navy blue beanie of my own design for a November birthday pal.

As usual, photography services provided by my coworker, the Amazing Ashley. I think here he is showing a very good sense of humour to make up for the lack of interesting knitting to show you today. I did not tell him what the French Market Bag is meant to be so I think he's interpreted it as a hat or beret of some sort. Makes the fire extinguisher look positively cozy. And doesn't the dark blue beanie look like it should be wearing wire framed glasses, hanging around next to all those rolled up plans, looking so intellectual...