And so the days are filled...

05 May 2006

The mystery unveiled...

Gosh, I show you people just a glimpse of a piece of jewelry and you clamour over it like seagulls over a chip! OK OK, here is a closeup of it:
NAME OF PHOTOAnd of course, like all of our favourite things, this one has a story behind it. The short version of the story is that my beloved Fiver brought it for me from a souk in Rabat (the capital of Morocco) way back in 1999. (I think he chose it for me because I was studying Irish archaeology at the time and there is a brooch of a similar form which was common in Irish prehistory.) There is a long version of the story, of course, which involves all the high drama of young love. You can fill in the details yourselves, I'm sure you've been through it.

But on to the unveiling of the real mystery. Here is the beginning of a Mrs Beeton gauntlet (that's a wristie to the Aussies) that I am making for Kris with the beautiful yarn that she hand selected and sent to me. Of course, she doesn't get something for nothing, so I sent her some yarn for some Mrs Beetons of my own. Note the sparkly beads which adorn the edge.
NAME OF PHOTOAt this stage I'm moving right along, I've finished both the top and bottom bell and am feeling pretty smug about using the magic circle instead of dpn's and having joined them together successfully without too much drama. I'm thinking the blog post is going to read "If you haven't gotten anything for your mum yet, this would make a great mother's day gift."
NAME OF PHOTOBut then I spotted a dumb little stupid annoying pesky fliberytsnippet of a dropped stitch. Dag nabbit! So I frogged.
NAME OF PHOTO(This photo is almost indecent. Pulling up the skirt of a perfectly respectable Mrs Beeton like that...well it just doesn't seem right.)