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01 April 2006

Flashing the stash

I didn't know this but apparently April 1st is the annual day to expose oneself (or at least one's stash) to the light of day. I realise this is probably a topic of very little interest to all of my readers, who are waiting on the edges of their seats for photos of Fiver's Leo (oh yes, just you wait, my pretties) but I thought now was as good a time as any to stop and take stock of just what is in these white plastic boxes: (little, but lots of for biggies)
stash1 locationThe 4 boxes contain 4 different stashes:
top - origami stash
second from top - very small and pathetic fabric stash as well as some clothes which one day need to be altered or mended
third from top - YARN
bottom - various little bits of memorabilia from life (don't worry I'm not exposing all of my stashes here today, you won't have to sit through all the school photos and report cards)

stash2 boxHere is what is revealed when one lifts the lid on the YARN stash box.

First of all, I present the yarns which are truly stash. In my mind, this includes all yarn which was purchased for no specific reason other than it was pretty, or yarn which was acquired for a purpose but is, for whatever reason, not going to be used for that purpose.

stash3 stashThe most recent stash acquisition is the red ball and variegated blue ball at centre, both purchased under Jacqueline's supervision at Marta's Yarns in Melbourne last November.

Behind the Marta's stash is some handpainted JJ's mohair which would have made a lovely Clapotis except I only realised after knitting up the first ball that it had been mis-labelled in the shop and was in fact a different colourway from the other 2 balls. I wasn't too happy with how it was knitting up anyway, so I ripped it and haven't decided what to do with it. Any good ideas for how to use 2 balls of mohair in a nice colourway and a third ball in a different (and not entirely compatible) colourway??? Suffice to say I will be checking ALL handpainted yarns very carefully in future. Or actually I am more likely to stay well away from the handpainted for the rest of my life after this completely dumb experience.

In the upper left we have 5 balls of the unmistakable Noro Kureyon in a highly lurid colour. This was completely an impulse buy, spurred on by my frustration, at the time, with our unsuccessful house hunt. I played around with it for a little thinking I would make a scarf, but decided that just wasn't going to work. Next plan for the ugly Kureyon will be a felted striped bag. Watch this space.

In front of the Kureyon are 2 balls of some lovely 2ply I bought at some craft show last year. I really love the colourway, I think it's called 'Forest Floor' which doesn't show up very nicely here. However, try as I might, I just can't bring myself to actually knit this into something. It's just too pretty.

And the light blue in the lower right corner is some boring old Cleckheaton crepe I got at a vinnie's for like 50 cents. No idea why, it was just cheap so I got it.

Moving right along now to the next category of stash, the yarns which are actually dedicated to something:

stash4 wipsThe Lorna's Laces obviously will become socks (I can't wait, this is the first thing I'll cast on once Leo is done and dusted) and the large pile of other stuff is about 10 skeins of La Lana Forever Random which is being used in my long-neglected Lady Eleanor, which is currently on the needles, but got put down for summer as it was too hot to work on. Actually, this category of stash could also be renamed 'yarn I have received as a gift'. Close readers of Days Full will recognise that the LL came from Fiver for Christmas and the La Lana came from mum for my birthday last year.

stash5 leftoversNext category of stash, the leftovers. I am pretty fastidious about keeping leftovers although I rarely find a use for them. (except for the stripey elephant I made for my nephew for christmas). Recognise anything? We have small amounts of leftovers from Rogue, Leo, Mum's purple post-yoga jumper, two Backyard Leaves scarves, Ene, a vest (see below), Fiver's Swannies Scarf, and various pre-blog projects.

There are also substantial leftovers from my step-father's Christmas vest from last year:
stash6 thread

And from Kiri:
stash6 thread

stash6 threadA random presence in the stash is a collection of mercerised cotton which was thrown in with a box of knitting needles and one tiny crochet hook I got at a market last year for $2.

stash6 threadNow we get to the unravelling projects. Here are the not insubstantial leftovers from the first unravelling project I undertook. There may be a few more French Market Bags to get out of this batch.

stash6 thread Lots leftover from my second unravelling project, including a large piece still yet to be unravelled. No idea what this will become but in its last appearance this yarn became a One Skein Wonder.

stash6 threadHere are the jumpers which are still awaiting unravelling. As you can see, I laid in plenty of stores for the long belt-tightening period I was anticipating before buying the house.

stash6 thread And perhaps the saddest category, things I have knit which for one reason or another will be ripped and the yarn reused elsewhere, some day. These were all pre-blog, and their sad stories as to why they must be ripped will be told whenever that day comes that I rip them. But here's a hint as to why the vest is hitting the dust after one winter of wear.

stash6 thread Even though exposing my stash like this makes me feel like I have an enormous amount of stash, I am sure I will see much larger stashes on my travels through the stash-flashers today. My REAL weakness is origami paper. Luckily for me, this stash takes up much less space and can occupy an accordian file.